Monday, May 13, 2013

Make the most of your twenties

I found this TED talk quite interesting. It filled me with a sense of urgency that may be important to me right now (I just turned 28 and am about to change careers -not just jobs- once again, a stressful and utterly reviving time).
But in the end I agree even more with the comment by Vero Borja below, because it is closer to where I see myself in three years and the kind of life I want to have lived by then:

I’m 31. Yes I am single, and no I don’t have children. But, I didn’t spend my 20s as if it were one long spring break. I travelled; I finished 2 master degrees and am about to finish my PHD. I lived in 5 different countries, spanning 4 continents, learned 4 languages, and made strong and fulfilling relationships (friendships are just as important and fullfilling) that have deeply nurtured and changed me. In other words, I lived. I learned to love in different ways, and I learned to surround myself by people who love me. 
Thinking of your life in terms of periods in which certain things must be fullfilled, just limits life, and life goals. What does the 30s are the new 20s really mean? it is as empty a suggestion, as implying that the 20s are somehow more defining than any other moment in life. After all, people and the lives they lead never stop changing.